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Advanced Ethernet Testing

Today's network needs are more demanding than ever. As devices capable of faster network speeds and VOIP services are added, the basic network is typically overlooked as to its abilities to handle these new devices and services. Many networks are installed using only basic testers to verify that the cabling is wired correctly and connected. More advanced testing methods are required to verify the networks performance abilities. A poorly performing network can result in network errors, downtime, lost productivity and increased maintenance and repair costs. By having your network properly tested, problem spots will be identified and you can be sure of the networks reliability and performance.

In addition to the wide range of standard network services, we offer:

Advanced Testing – Advanced testing allows problem areas to be quickly identified with information not available on basic testers.. Repairs are more cost effective when less time is spent diagnosing the problem.

Mapping - Often network connections are not labeled or not labeled correctly as additions or changes are made to the network. I find this to be very common. Properly mapped and labeled connections will save time and money when future changes or troubleshooting are needed.

Comprehensive Documentation – Testing & mapping documentation provides an overview of the cabling system performance, and you will have confidence that the installation was done right.

More information regarding Ethernet

Ethernet is still regarded as one of the best methods to use for a network. Although WiFi can be much more convenient, typical wifi cannot offer the data speeds that ethernet can. Fiber Optic, although much faster is still incredibly expensive to install, not to mention the costs of the equipment needed to connect it to your devices.

For many years, 10/100 Mbps has been the standard. More recently, devices come standard with Gigabit capable network adapters. Unfortunately, if your network cannot support these speeds, you are only getting 10 percent or less of the the devices ethernet capabilities. If your network is more than a few years old, or if shortcuts or low quality products were used in the installation of your network, then chances are your network performance is below standard for these new devices. Having a network properly tested is more important than ever.

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