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Laptop repair disclaimer- We take the utmost care when working on laptops, using recommended repair procedures. Occasionally, we will run into unexpected issues once we open a unit up. One issue is that heat and stress can deteriorate the plastic inside, especially around mounting points, such as near the hinges. This can result in the plastic disintegrating when trying to remove the screws or release the tabs that hold it together. Another is a repair or disassembly from a previous person that results in missing parts and/or damaged components. While they may give you back a “working” unit, the damage caused is just a disaster waiting to happen for the next person to disassemble it. It is not uncommon to work on units that have screws missing. If they can’t put all the screws back in, then you have to question the quality of any other work they did.

Sometimes these unexpected things can be fixed, sometimes they cannot. Therefore, We take no responsibility and will not be held liable for any unexpected circumstances where extra labor, parts or a non repairable situation occurs. Once these discoveries are made during the repair process, the customer is notified and a decision is made on how to proceed.

Customers are expected to have a backup of their hard drives and/or data. We are not responsible for data loss. We do offer backup services for an extra charge.