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Windows 10 !
Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29th, 2015. It is very different from previous versions of Windows, and there are many considerations if thinking about upgrading to 10. We can help sort out the issues and potential compatibility problems with older equipment.
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Dust and Hair issues
Heat is a major killer of electronic components. Often neglected, dust and pet hair can clog the fans and vents. This prevents proper cooling and can result in premature failure of the components. Care must be taken in cleaning, as static electricity can damage components as you attempt to clean them. Give us a call to get a proper cleaning done of your system.

Protect your data !
Protecting your data is more important than ever nowadays. A variety of things can wipe out all your documents, pictures and other important information in the flash of a second. There are many ways to backup your valuable information, but there are also sometimes different considerations for "disaster recovery". Everyone's needs are different, let us help you determine the best protection.

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