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For Sale:

    Dell Latitude 13 3379, 2 in 1 laptop

Intel i-5 6200u CPU

16gb RAM

Sandisk 500gb SSD hard drive

Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit

Backlit keyboard

13" screen with touchscreen


Laptop also folds to use as a tablet

AC charger included

$ 250.00


The end of Windows 7 support & Windows 10 upgrades

                                Updated June, 2023
Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29th, 2015. It is very different from previous versions of Windows, and there are many considerations if thinking about upgrading to 10 (also applies to Windows 11). We can help sort out the issues and potential compatibility problems with older equipment.

By now most of you have heard about Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 on January 14th 2020. Many have made the switch to Windows 10 but there are also many that have held off on that upgrade. So, for those that have not upgraded yet, what does this mean ?

Let’s first review a few things that you need to know if you upgrade. A check of the system configuration needs to be done first to make sure the CPU, memory, hard drive, etc. is adequate to run Windows 10. Second is to look at the apps or programs that you use. If you are running really old versions of software, there is a good chance that they will not run on 10. Third is to check peripheral items such as printers and scanners, to be sure that they are supported by Windows 10. Many older printer and scanners do not have drivers available for them. You will also want to make sure that you know if you are working in an environment or industry that requires you to have a “supported” operating system. Some companies will not support their software if it is still running on Win 7.

Once you have evaluated your system you then need to decide “upgrade this one? Or buy a new one”. Microsoft is still offering the upgrade for free. If your system does not require a major expense to upgrade any hardware, then it makes sense to upgrade the current system. Keep in mind that when you buy a new system, there is often a lot of work to get it ready to use. Installing software, transferring data, configuring various options and services all take time. If you are paying a tech to do all the work, it can sometimes cost more in labor than the cost of the computer.

We can help you sort out all that to help you make an informed decision.

A few things to be aware of with Windows 10. If you read enough reviews you’ll find that there are many that love W10 , and many that hate it. While it is touted by Microsoft and their followers to be the most secure operation system, most techs will tell you it is harder to fix. Many of the methods of troubleshooting and repair that we have been using since the beginning of Windows, just do not work on Windows 10. It is more critical than ever to have regular backups of your computer. Windows updates are now forced on you, where as we could control them better in previous versions. Unfortunately, many of the problems people have are a result of flawed updates.

So what happens if you do not upgrade ? Well, nothing at first. Eventually though, software companies will stop making software to run on Windows 7. If you are one that feels you want to run 7 for as long as possible there are a few things you can do. One is to make sure you have a good anti virus and internet security software. Do not rely on the free ones as they offer limited protection. Spend a few dollars and get a good one. Any good tech will have recommendations and favorites to suggest.

Run an updated web browser. Stop using Internet Explorer. Install either Firefox or Chrome as they both have security options built in.

Update ! Chrome has stopped supporting Windows 7 as of January 2023. Firefox will continue support until September 2024

Do maintenance on your system frequently. Cleaning temporary files, scanning for malware are things that should be done regularly. Check with us regarding maintenance utilities to use.

There is more to consider and everyone’s needs are a little different, so give us a call and let us help you sort out what your best options are.
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Dust and Hair issues
Heat is a major killer of electronic components. Often neglected, dust and pet hair can clog the fans and vents. This prevents proper cooling and can result in premature failure of the components. Care must be taken in cleaning, as static electricity can damage components as you attempt to clean them. Give us a call to get a proper cleaning done of your system.

Protect your data !
Protecting your data is more important than ever nowadays. A variety of things can wipe out all your documents, pictures and other important information in the flash of a second. There are many ways to backup your valuable information, but there are also sometimes different considerations for "disaster recovery". Everyone's needs are different, let us help you determine the best protection.

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