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Consulting: I offer a wide variety of consulting services, regardless if you are a complete novice,  a do it yourselfer, or an established expert, I can help. Whether you are buying new system, planning to upgrade, or establish a complete network, my experience and knowledge can lead you properly through the process. When buying a new system, I can help you make sense of the technical jargon the sales people throw at you to help you make the right choices, with your needs and budget in mind.

Technology Planning: Proper planning is essential with any project. With today's economy, and the vast number of products and services available, proper technology planning is a must. My experience can lead you through the process, look at your needs, budget, short term and long term needs, and a variety of other factors to help you make the right decisions. Proper planning can save thousands of dollars and improve productivity.

Video Surveillance Systems – Video surveillance is becoming more popular, and the market is flooded with different types of systems. Many of these systems are complex to figure out even for tech savvy people. There are wireless as well as different types of wired systems. We can help choose the right system as well as taking care of the installation.

"Cloud" Computing - We've been hearing about "the cloud" for several years. Do you understand it? Is it right for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We can help.

“Green” Technology: The type and age of your equipment, and how it is used can be major factors on the amount of energy used. I can evaluate your equipment and its usage to help identify areas that can save energy. I can also assist with recycling programs for old computer equipment, toners and ink cartridges. Let me help you do your part to save energy and the environment.

Virtual Assistant: Having trouble using Google, or other search engines? Unsure of which information is good information? Need product information but don't have time to search it out? Let our expertise search for,  and compile the information for you. 

Office Automation and Efficiency: Everyone's needs are different when it comes to automating office tasks. We can show you various ways to automate and simplify tasks, and how equipment can be utilized in a more efficient manner.

Troubleshooting and Repair: PC diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and upgrades.

Laptop Repair: Troubleshooting, repair, screen and keyboard replacement. Please read our laptop repair disclaimer.

Printer Repair and Maintenance: Repair, cleaning and maintenance on office printers.

Data backup and Security: There are many ways to backup and secure your information. Anti virus and Malware protection, shared resources and firewall protection are all things that need to be looked at for your protection. We'll help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Secure data erasure: Do you have old computers or hard drives that need a secure and thorough data wipe ? We can take care of that for you.

Virus & Spyware Removal & Protection: Experienced in proper detection and removal of viruses and spyware. Implementation of proper protection for your system.

Web design: Web design consulting.

Web Site Evaluations: Get an independent evaluation of your web site. There are lots of well done web sites out there, but there are also as many that are poorly done and are not efficient. Which is yours? It's important, now more than ever to have an effective website.
See where your site stands among the competition.

Networks: Network implementation, design, setup, security and maintenance. Experienced in wired & wireless networks.

Advanced Ethernet Testing: Have your network properly tested for the best performance and reliability.
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Internet: Internet and email setup, dial up, DSL, Cable & WiFi.

Training: General windows and internet training. Learn to upload photos, burn CD's, and more! Social Network help. We can get you up and running with Facebook and Twitter. 

Gadget Help: Got that new smartphone or other gadget that's supposed to work with your computer? We'll help you figure it out.

Service and Maintenance Contracts: With a service contract you can get priority service and a discount off our normal rates.

Video Surveillance Systems: Video camera systems come in a variety of types and price ranges. Whether you are looking for home surveillance or just want to check in on the pets while away, we can get you set up with the system to suit your needs

IT Staff Supplement: We can assist your current IT staff or remote support staff for large projects, when they can't travel the distance, or need extra hands for the job.

Group Presentations: Need an expert to give a general computer topic presentation to your group?
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